Burlap and Button Garland

For the first time ever, I have 2 Christmas trees! I have added one to my farmers porch this year and I am so glad I did.  I didn’t want to spend a ton on a tree because it is outside after all and winter in New England is nothing nice.  I will be polite and say it isn’t the fullest of trees, so I thought some garland would fill in the gaps.  Because it is outside, I wanted to decorate it with some rustic flare.

This year I am really into using what I’ve got to make some updated Christmas decorations instead of buying new ones.  One thing I have is a bucket full of burlap scraps that I just can’t seem to part with.  I have a hard time throwing things away, I get it from my dad.

I thought “Burlap and Buttons” sounded cute but obviously regular buttons would get swallowed up by all the burlap so I had to think a little out of the box.

Here are the supplies I came up with.

-Burlap strips


-Wooden rounds



Burlap and buttons supplies

Do you see where we are getting the “buttons?”

Wood Buttons

I took a piece of firewood out of our pile and used the chop saw to cut them into skinny rounds.  Then I used a drill bit that would make holes juuuust big enough to fit some twine through.  For the twine I was using, a 1/8 bit was perfect.

I started by tying the burlap strips in a knot around the twine. Easy enough right?

Burlap and buttons garland

After 7 bows I added a button.  I simply threaded it with the twine just as I would an actual button.  You will have to determine how long you want your garland before you start because you need the end cut so you can thread it.

How to thread a button

I used some Scotch tape on the end of the twine so it didn’t fray and made the threading so much easier.

Burlap and buttons garland how to

See how it starts to take shape?

burlap and buttons garland

Once you have made it as long as you want, just add it to your tree.


burlap and button garland2

What better day to string garland than a day that looks like this?

Snow covered trees

Button garland

Simple garland, that is a little messy (burlap makes a dusty mess when you cut it) but the cute factor makes it totally worth it.  What is your favorite homemade garland?


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