Tied Yarn Valentine’s Day Heart

Valentines Heart Redo

I don’t do much decorating for Valentine’s Day.  In my house, it’s more like winter decorations that linger after Christmas and then maybe some pink and red candy goes in the candy jars and a few hearts show up.  But I had a dollar store heart wreath that had seen its last February.  It looked just like this one only old, way old.


It had faded….a lot….and there was no saving it.  But before I threw it out, I realized the metal heart shape could become a new decoration!  Then it sat in my basement for 2 years…gah! Thankfully I was cleaning out my storage just in time to find it and give it a makeover for this year.

I initially wanted to make it a rag heart and just tie strips of fabric to it.  When I opened my fabric bin I found a bag of yarn scraps from a pom-pom gone bad.  Ding! (that was the sound of the light bulb turning on over my head.)

A wintery heart for Valentines decor

All I needed was the heart form, yarn and one strip of fabric to make a bow.  You will want thick, fluffy yarn or this will take forever!  I think you could sub in a shaped coat hanger for the form if you don’t have one.

If you didn’t have a pom-pom incident, then all you need to do it take your yarn and wrap it loosely around your fingers about 100 times.  You will have to do this a few times depending on how full you want your wreath.  Then just cut at the top and the bottom of the yarn to give you the pieces.  It is much quicker than cutting each individual piece.

Using the same hand wrapping method as you would to make a pom pom can make cutting small pieces of yarn much quicker

Once you have some yarn cut, start tying.

How to make a wintery valentines wreath by I Am a Homemaker

And keeeeeeep tying.

Once your heart is full, it will most likely look like a little too uniform.

Making a valentines wreath

You need to jumble it up a little so it looks full and fluffy.

How to make a valentines heart wreath

Once you have filled in the entire form, tie on the bow, if you want one, and that’s it!

A fun valentines winter heart

Are you an all out Valentine’s decorator or just some touches of subtlety around the house? This is the one lonely heart in my house right now, but the candy is out so it’s all good.