Pellet Stove Mantle

Allllright, allllright, allllright (has that been in your head since the Oscars too)….let me catch you up on a project I just completed a few weeks ago.

This was my pellet stove.  Pardon the awful picture but I used my cell phone on a rainy day.

Pellet Stove


It was a sad little guy that had no real standing in the room.  Couple that with not having anywhere to hang stockings at Christmas (yes I think about Christmas in June) and I knew I had to build a mantle! But just some little old shelf stuck up on the wall wasn’t gonna do and I was not about to start busting out bricks or stone to create some elaborate backdrop because that is when my pellet stove would have broken.  That’s just how things happen, right?

I thought for a long time about this and finally decided that board and batten was the way to go and I did it all for about $30!

The first thing I did was figure out the dimensions.  I used the fireproof base as a guide so that it all looked seamless to the eye.  Knowing where you are starting and where you are stopping is pretty important.  So I used painters tape to tape off the area and then painted the drywall white.

pellet stove board and batten

That was the easy part.  I then had to figure out the separation of the batten.  This was a little tricky because of outlets and the exhaust for the stove.  So while they are not perfectly even, unless you are measuring them you would never know and thats just fine with me!

pellet stove

Once I had it all measured out I used pine furring strips (mainly because they were $2 for 8 feet!) to make the base of the mantle and the shelf.  They aren’t perfect pieces of wood so they took a little extra sanding and some searching at Home Depot to find the straightest pieces but it’s worth it.  One I laid flat against the wall and shot into studs using a nail gun.  This was the support for the shelf part which I then shot into the base.  I added some decorative moulding under the shelf to make it look a little prettier.  You have to make sure you return each piece to the wall so it has a pretty edge and not just a square edge that stops abruptly.  To do that you have to cut the end at a 45 degree angle then cut an additional piece to fill in the spot between that 45 and the wall.  You will have to take the wood and square one edge then cut a 45 in the opposite direction so it fits.  I don’t have any pictures of that part but I will put together a little tutorial on it and post that soon.  Anyway, this is where I was at.

mantle cropped

Once that was done all I had left was the batten pieces.  I used 1/4 inch thick pieces of lattice so they wouldn’t hang over my floor moulding.  I wanted a chunkier look so I went with the 3″ wide pieces. I taped them up first to make sure I was happy with the spacing, made sure they were plumb and shot them in with a brad nailer.  They seriously weigh nothing so it didn’t take much to hold them on the wall.  If you notice, the second board in from the left has an outlet that goes straight through it.  I used two pieces of lattice and blended the outlet into the piece instead of trying to go around it.

board and batton prep

All that was left to do after that was caulk all the gaps (trust me there were plenty), prime all the wood and give everything a couple of coats of semi gloss in white.  Now I have the perfect place to hang my stockings for Christmas and that makes me happy!

Check out this before and after.  It was well worth the $30.

pellet stove before and after

What wood projects have you tackled lately?  I would love to hear about them.


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