Using Polyshades Against the Grain

If you put down wood floors yourself and have a transition to tile you know my pain.  Many floor companies don’t sell stain that corresponds to their floor colors and even if they did, different woods take stain differently so the colors may not even match. I made the mistake of trying to match my stain for my threshold and after being annoyed by it for 4 years, I decided to change it.

I found Polyshades by Minwax.  It is a stain and polyurethane in one product and thought it would be fun to try it.  It is a tinted polyurethane so it can go over already polyed wood, no heavy sanding needed, just a little roughing up so it has somewhere to stick.


Please pay attention to this! This is not a sponsored post and Minwax would probably frown on it anyway because it says right on the label not to use on floors! Buuuuut the threshold isn’t a floor, it is just one little part of the portion of the house that you walk on, right?  So sorry Minwax but I didn’t follow your directions.  Hopefully it all works out long term anyway.

My flooring, much to my dismay, goes from hardwood to tile and back to hardwood.  My kitchen is in the center of my house with the living room and dining room on either side.  I wanted to cohesive look of hardwood all the way through but the tile was in place already and WAYYYYYYY too much work to take up, not to mention completely wasteful.  So it stayed.

Here is the before, sorry it’s blurry but I didn’t realize it until after they were stained and, well, I can’t unring that bell…

before 2


As you can see, the thresholds were not even the same color even though I used the same stain, and neither color matched my flooring.  The top one looks close in the photo but not so much in real life.

Different wood=different color…oops.  So I decided to go with a contrasting color.  I have a black marble transition into my bathroom tile and I like that so Black Satin it is!

I followed the directions on the PolyShade container as far as sanding and cleaning the wood.  I only skipped over the part about flooring and something about not using it.

I have to say this stuff is stiiiiicky. I have used stain and I have used polyurethane but together they make some weird kind of goo. It goes on super thick which I kind of like.  I put one coat on each threshold and prayed everyone remembered not to step on them.  They stayed sticky for hours which I wasn’t prepared for because polyurethane loses that stick factor within about an hour. Luckily, the majority of the dry time was over night.

Threshold after

This is the end result.  I like the black so much better.  They are holding up ok so far.  We will see how the long term goes.  But for now, they look better and I didn’t have to fill my house with sanding dust to get the existing polyurethane off.

How have you transitioned rooms with different flooring?